Welcome to my blog!

Well, it’s about time that I get this thing started, eh?

You can read a bunch about me on the About Me page on here, so I’m not going to repeat myself too much.  I decided to start this blog because as a network engineer in a shop that really should have a much bigger IT staff than we do, I run into entirely too much odd stuff, and I feel that it would be a shame to not record it so that future admins and engineers can maybe learn something, or at least get a laugh.  Probably at my expense.  There is a permanent forehead-shaped indentation in the wall next to my desk.

That said, I don’t want to limit this blog to just IT.  I am a big fan of beer and other adult beverages, and every once in a while I find something that I want to share my thoughts about.  In fact, the thing that actually catalyzed this blog and made me get off my ass to make it was a beer discovery.  So that’s something I will talk about some.  That catalyzing post will be coming really soon.  It will even have a couple pictures in it!

I also plan on writing some things just because I want to.  Not IT-related, not beer-related, just Me-related.  For example, I’m rather a fan of SpaceX, and the recent Falcon 9 launch failure was pretty heartbreaking, so I might write something about that.  I’m not an aerospace guy though, so there’s no danger that this blog will go full-time space-cadet.  It’s just something I like that I may write something about.  If these side topics don’t interest you, don’t worry.  I’ll try to tag the topic-relevent posts, so you can filter out the random thoughts if you just want to get to the tech or the beer.

Anyway, enough of an introduction.  I’ve got a half a bottle of rum and a six-pack of IBC root beer, and I feel like writing.  Let’s do this!


currently drinking: Cruzan rum and IBC root beer

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