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My name is Sean.  I’m a network engineer by trade, and have been in IT for a pretty long time.  In my current role, my colleagues and I manage almost every aspect of IT infrastructure for our organization.  We have a group of software developers, a group of DBAs, and a small IT security team, but every other aspect of the organization is handled by my group of 6 engineers and 6 techs.  We manage the network, LAN and WANs, firewalls, servers, VM infrastructure, storage, backups, Exchange, AD, MDM, and lots of other stuff as well.  My particular focus is on networking, but I’m called on to do some of everything.  On top of that, I do a little programming, and have written several applications that we use to monitor and manage the environment.

My first introduction to beer was when I was 16, with a couple friends and a 30-pack of Natty Ice.  Naturally, this put me off of beer for several years.  But then I graduated high school, and went to college in Kalamazoo, MI, which provided a wonderful re-introduction to the magical elixir.  Craft beer was not really a well-known term then, and usually the only beer you could find at the store was Bud, Miller, Coors, Labatt, and maybe Guinness if you’re lucky.  But early on in my college career, I heard people talking about this beer called Oberon that was made right there in Kalamazoo.  This provided the introduction to good beer for me, and I soon found out that this small town was home to no fewer than 4 breweries, including the world-conquering Bell’s and Kraftbrau, a brewery that specialized in some really great lagers.  This introduction began a life-long love of beer, which has led me to try hundreds or maybe even thousands of different beers, explore homebrewing, and is enough to make me want to start a blog about it.

TL;DR  I do IT and drink beer.  Once in a while, at the same time.

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